Choosing the Right Carpet

on September 24, 2013 in Carpet




The warm comfort that carpet provides is not just your imagination.  Unlike other types of flooring‚ carpet is a natural insulator‚ providing additional warmth in cold seasons.  The use of carpet in a wall–to–wall application actually increases the R–value (insulation level) of the carpet area‚ potentially saving homeowners on expensive utility costs, while reducing energy use.

Carpet is capable of holding significant quantities of soil and dust without appearing dirty.  It has been demonstrated that carpet is quite efficient at keeping allergen and other small particles such as pollen out of the air.  In fact, data from a Swedish government study indicates that when use of carpet declined, the number of people reporting allergy symptoms increased.

Regular vacuuming with a high-efficiency filter and periodic cleaning using hot-water extraction (“steam cleaning”) removes the majority of allergen from carpet as well as significantly reducing mite populations.



There are several different types of carpets: Textured, Patterned, Looped, & Frieze.

  • Textures & Patterns- are great for formal spaces where you want to dress the room up.
  • Loops- are nice for high traffic, they perform well and are extremely durable.
  • Frieze- also known as twist or shag– has a plush, springy softness and casual, comfortable feel.  It hides foot prints and vacuum lines well.



For those who love vibrant colors but don’t want an entire floor of color, think about accessorizing with throw pillows, area rugs, window treatments or art pieces.  This will help brighten your room with color where you can keep a more neutral color on the floor.

  • Light carpet next to darker walls can really make the room more striking.
  • If you are choosing a carpet for a playroom or game room, choose one of the primary colors.



  • FRIEZE has random color variation, as well as a very plush comfortable look.
  • PATTERNS are very popular because they are upscale and striking.  A strong pattern can really rejuvenate a room.
  • A tip for patterns- large patterns look best in large spaces.  Small patterns pop in small, intimate areas.
  • TEXTURED floors create relaxed looks with smooth, twisted yarns.
  • LOOP- use uneven loops for texture, and level loops for durability.



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