Ready for Back to School?

on August 13, 2013 in Family Life

Trying to get your kids all ready for school?  This summer just went by too fast.  Here are a few ideas to get your kids organized and ready for school, while making it fun.


* Try taking the kids to their school playground, have a picnic, and let them play there for awhile.  This will help ease them back into the swing of things.

* If your kids are nervous about meeting new friends, try role playing with them.  If they are too embarrassed, make it fun by pulling out some of their toys and use them as your example of how to introduce yourself and make friends.

* Together, pick out an outfit for the first day of school, wash it, and lay it out the night before.

* Start a journal talking about what they are excited for and what their goals are for the end of the year.  Examples: what they want to learn better, making new friends, what grades they want to get, etc.

* If you have a little one that is just starting Kindergarten show them pictures of their school and pictures of kids in classrooms doing school work and playing.  This way they can get an understanding of what they are going to be doing.


*Sneak a little love- put a note in their backpack or lunch.  Something small; I love you!, You are going to rock 4th Grade!, or Have a fabulous day!

* Take a picture- you know how much you loved having your picture taken every year by your parents, well now it’s your turn to torture your kids.  You have to get this picture.  It is so fun to look at them from year to year.  A good idea to know which year have them hold a sign with what grade they are in.  I love the chalk board idea.  Have them stand by the same tree, bush, or fence each year so they can see how much they have grown.

* If you have younger ones that are not old enough to go to school and are sad they are not going, plan a play date with some kids around their age and do some fun crafts and learning so they can feel like they’re big kids.

* Another thing you can do for your little ones that are not old enough yet is go find some work sheets. If they are wanting to learn than hey why not.

Throughout the year every week spend 30-60 min with each child helping them with whatever they are struggling with. That way you always know what they are learning about and you build the relationship for them to come to you with their struggles.


This is a tough one because with all of their homework, backpacks, and dirty shoes your house can turn upside down!  So here are a few ideas for you to keep up with your kids:

1) As they walk in try to create a space for them to have a place for their personal things. Their own cubby or even a hook for their backpack. Have a basket or shoe rack for their shoes.

2) Have a designated homework space. Make sure there are no distractions around it.

3) Try and make their space as organized as possible for everyone’s sanity.

4) Try to create a fun and peaceful environment within their work space.

Good luck and have a fabulous school year with your kids!

Here are some examples of lockers and work spaces for your kids…

Here is a  great idea to create personal work spaces when you’re short on space.

Love this work space- so fun and functional!

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